... for easy & flexible ordering at affordable prices! 


Since the TOTAL-VOLUME of your order defines the prices for ALL items ordered. 

At the same time you can set up your pallets on an individual and cross-product basis.

What counts is the total number of pallets!


Order your desired products from our extensive care&serve range by emailing

If your order reaches a total of full 1 - 3 pallets you will receive the favourable 1 - 3 pallets price on ALL products included in this order!

And for 4 – 6 full pallets the even more favourable 4 -6 pallets price! 


No small-quantity surcharge!  

No minimum purchase amount!



We aim to process your order on the same day or by the next day at the latest!
You should receive an order confirmation within one working day.

Please let us know if you have been waiting longer than this for an order confirmation or delivery note
so that we can check the status of your order.

This does not apply to order confirmations for customised products or packages
due to the longer processing times required.

Please provide us with any necessary information to help us fulfil your order as smoothly as possible, such as alternative delivery addresses, neutral deliveries, goods receiving times, required lifting platforms, etc.

Please feel free to call or email us should you have any queries.